April 15, 2002
Thoughts about the Washington Rally

I'm not going to post anything about the Washington Rally; that is what InstaPundit is for. Go to him for all the latest news.

I am curious, though—why is it that the Los Angeles Times, which prides itself on its importance, has not a single article on the rally? Not only is there nothing on the front page, but there is nothing on the national section either. Even the San Francisco Chronicle has an article on the march, slanted though it may be.

Anyway, here is what I will discuss instead. The Reform Party continues to implode.

Eight more states have disaffiliated themselves with the national party, and the Texas chapter is dissolving, with a plan to reorganize under a new name.

I hope the Pitchfork Pat's minions understand that they have killed the party once and for all. The party's influence was on the wane after 1996 (Jesse Ventura notwithstanding), and Buchanan's takeover of the party left most of its disaffected leaders sputtering in rage.

With the schism in the Libertarian Party, John Hagelin' s Natural Law party may be the fourth-largest party in the country soon, behind the Democrats, Republicans, and Greens. All together now....OMMMMMMMMM.

posted on April 15, 2002 06:00 PM


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