April 18, 2002
Thoughts about this blog

Today, I thought a little bit about this blog, and where I wanted to go with it. There are several different routes I could take.

I could post lots of links to fascinating, outrageous, or important places. But Instapundit already does that, better than I ever could.

I could pick a subject each day and write a long, thoughtful post on each subject. But USS Clueless has that gig, hands down.

I could go the humor route, spiking my posts with hilarity while (hopefully) remaining relevant. Happy Fun Pundit is what I'd come up with, if I was that good.

I could try the reporting thing, researching my subjects and talking to experts in the field. But I don't have enough time in the day, and I'd never be as good as Matt Welch.

I could stick to what I know, and report on military subjects. Sergeant Stryker wins the prize there, without a doubt. He and Sergeant Schultz have a world more knowledge than I do on what the other services are doing, and seem to have a broader knowledge base than this twidget.

I could write an online journal, personal and revelatory, except that is not my style, and the mundanity of my life would bore most people into a coma. We don't need another weblog from someone who whines that school is tough, I need to go grocery shopping, my best friend is getting married next year, I broke a nail at work today, I was so drunk last night, etc. etc. etc. I enjoy occasional glimpses of personal lives, but I don't want a site composed exclusively of drama and strife.

This site really doesn't have a focus yet, and that is partially because of my lack of focus, and partly because I am a bit of a dilettante in many subjects. I have shallow knowledge of a wealth of topics. Eventually, I will settle down and find my groove. Until then, I welcome suggestions from my readers. If you have something you'd like to see me pontificate upon, by all means, let me know. The comments button and the e-mail link are there for your inputs.

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