April 20, 2002
LA Times Bias Watch Update

Well, it has begun. Here it is, 6:15 on the left coast (on a SATURDAY, no less), and the first article on the Los Angeles Times website is a big article on the protests. (The LAT is now doing the registration thing, like the NYT and the WSJ. This started today, apparently).

I am actually going to fire off a letter of protest to the editor this time, as this so so bloody disgraceful. With the lack of coverage on the Israel rally, I thought that perhaps because of the distance, they were not going to devote a lot of coverage to the rally, but since the (50% smaller) protests today are already receiving top billing, distance is not a part of the equation.

If it's not yet obvious, I'm incensed. This is just wrong.

posted on April 20, 2002 06:42 PM


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