April 21, 2002
LA Times Bias Watch Update

Okay, I was wrong. Today's print version of the Times doesn't have the front page covered with pictures and stories from the protests in Washington. In fact, there aren't *any* pictures or stories on the front page. There are three stories, on two pages (A14 and A15). I am surprised, but pleased.

Even the online version has tamped down coverage; the only links on the front page of the site are two text links at the very bottom of the page.

In other LA Times news, there was a pair of letters in yesterday's edition with mild criticisms of Rich Ganis' article on the BK Veggie (see my flame from last week). One of the writers was quoted by Mr. Ganis in the article, but disagrees with the potential impact of the sandwich.

(Incidentally, Mr. Ganis left an extremely polite message here with the URL to his organization's website, which was misidentified in the Times article. Considering the less-than-conciliatory tone of my post </understatement>, I appreciate his courtesy, even as I continue to disagree with his assessment of the BK Veggie and the fast food industry in general.)

posted on April 21, 2002 11:30 AM


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