April 29, 2002
Another political quiz.

Another political quiz. This one, however, is better than most. Instead of the rather biased quiz from the people over at Advocates for Self-Government, this short quiz suggests five different answers for each question, which together will provide a pretty wide representation of views on each subject. They also plot the views of a number of well-known political/philosophical figures (from Ayn Rand to Josef Stalin, from Jesse Jackson to Rush Limbaugh) on the chart. It's not perfect, but it is nonetheless interesting. Check it out.

FWIW, I live a block west of Jesse Ventura in Politopia. Where do you live?

posted on April 29, 2002 07:39 PM


I think you live in the other half of my duplex. My star was practically on the J in Jesse's name.

posted by The Dodd on April 30, 2002 05:37 PM

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