April 29, 2002
Search Engine Results

While checking my site logs, I take a look at the search engine requests that returned my site as a result. I usually enjoy seeing what brings people to this site (for the record, my BK Veggie post from two weeks ago has been by far the most popular search item). However, today I came across one that made my blood run cold.

will the world watch in silence as these murderous Jews go on a rampage

This was from someone in Singapore. It is obvious what he was looking for. I know he didn't get satisfaction here.

What frightens me is that there were 108 results returned by the search. Even more frightening is what the summaries (returned by Google) show. Looking at the first page, I immediately discounted links to myself, Daily Pundit, and Bjorn Staerk. Perhaps 6 of the other results were links that did not relate to the searcher's intent. That left 11 other results, most of which were terrifyingly vicious towards Israel in particular, and Judaism in general.

Color me disgusted.

posted on April 29, 2002 09:27 PM


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