May 01, 2002
Palestinian Maps

The Palestinian Authority is evil, and must be totally destroyed.

This is the map of Palestine, on the Palestinian National Authority governmental website. Do you notice anything missing from this map?

This is the link as of TODAY, not from several months or years ago. This is what the creeps that run the EU governments and media expect Israel to deal with.

If you click on that map, you will get another map, which shows the West Bank and Gaza areas in a different color, but still doesn't mention Israel. The second map leads to information pages on major cities in Palestine. You will be interested to know that

Jerusalem is a holy city for the world's major religions: Islam, and Christianity

(quoting the PA website directly). Further, the site states

In 1948 Jerusalem was under Israel occupation (West Jerusalem) , and Jordan controlled the other part of Jerusalem (East Jerusalem) including the Old City. In 1967 Israel occupied East Jerusalem in the Six-Day War, Since then , both west and east Jerusalem has been under Israeli occupation.

I will add to this as I continue working on my big piece.

posted on May 01, 2002 03:40 PM


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