May 03, 2002
The American Prospect—sexism alert

Can you imagine if an article such as this ran on a conservative website, with the names changed to those of female CLINTON administration officials?

GIRL TALK. Speaking of Gale Norton ..., Tapped is tickled by the following story. It seems Norton, EPA Secretary Christie Whitman and Secretary of Agriculture Ann Veneman were enjoying one of their regular lunches this week when a lower level EPA administrator issued a letter attacking one of Interior's favored causes — snowmobiling in Yellowstone. When Norton found out later she felt back-stabbed and called Whitman to rant. Whitman's now ordered that such matters should come through her office. But forget about the policy details: We want to know what Norton, Whitman, and Veneman were talking about at lunch. How Karen Hughes' departure made them think about their own families? Why wasn't Condi invited? And do they have slumber parties too? [posted 9:25 am]

Where is NOW? Paging Gloria Steinem...

posted on May 03, 2002 12:15 PM


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