May 08, 2002
Greenhouse Gasses in CA

A timely report on the California Legislature's misbegotten plan to regulate greenhouse gas emissions from cars, from Benjamin Zycher, of the Pacific Research Institute, can be found here.

This footnote is a lovely slap in the face to the faux green legislators:

Did you know that legislators in Sacramento are allowed to choose autos that the state purchases for them for their official activities? The Associated Press reports that almost half have chosen low-gas-mileage sport utility vehicles and pickup trucks, and most of the rest picked sedans with lower than average fuel efficiency.

I'd love to see the breakdown, by party, of the distribution of these vehicles. The legislature is divided 50-30, with the Democrats in the majority, yet I doubt the the "anti-environment" Republicans all drive SUV's, which would need to be the case to sustain the statistic cited by Mr. Zycher.

posted on May 08, 2002 06:52 PM


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