May 18, 2002
Mail to Tapped

Yesterday, The American Prospect's "Tapped" column said this:

Still no rebuke from a national Republican to Wayne LaPierre over LaPierre's atrocious comparison of Andy McKelvey and Osama bin Laden, as Chatterbox reports.

To which I replied (via e-mail):

In yesterday's edition of Tapped, you write that you are still waiting for a rebuke of Wayne LaPierre for his comparison of Andy McKelvey and Osama bin Laden from GOP bigwigs. I'm sure that it will be issued as soon as Julian Bond apologizes for his comments about the "Taliban wing of the Republican Party" and various "progressive" groups retract their incessant swipes at Richard Mellon Scaife for his financial support of the investigation of Whitewater. LaPierre's comment was hyperbolic, but the media get a case of the vapors whenever one of their favorite causes, gun control, is attacked by the NRA or any other group. If such a comparison had been made by a pro-choice figure, in reference to a pro-life supporter, I doubt it would have received *any* coverage (in Tapped, or anywhere else). This double standard is one of the reasons why many conservatives decry the bias in the media—not so much the overt bias, but the (perhaps subconscious) selection of what stories to run, and how they are to be framed.
posted on May 18, 2002 12:12 PM


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