May 21, 2002
Zionist Bias in the US media?

This report, from the Jordan Times, is too stupid to rebut, but you should read it anyway, to get further evidence that Palestinian apologists here in the US will stop at nothing to smear Israel.(The author is a professor at Marist College in New York, and a Jordanian citizen.)

One thing is notable—there is not a single incident in his article that I had not seen before. The fact that he finds incidents that *were* reported in US media is telling; if there were a vast conspiracy such as he claims, I doubt these stories would have seen any play. His effort to spin these into a major Israeli terrorist offensive against the US is laughable.

posted on May 21, 2002 08:47 PM


Yah, but he's not listed in the tenured professors and I thought I read where he's not a permanent staff member. He has a link to the graduate/continuing education activities.
Ref courtesy of Little Green Footballs.

posted by Quana on May 22, 2002 06:48 PM

Quana--thanks for the heads up. As usual, Mr. Johnson has managed to work up just the right tone of reasonableness and contempt to address this bozo. I still have trouble with the reasonable part...

Nuts! I try really hard to find stuff that the big blogs are not linking to (unless I give them credit for the link). I thought I had dredged this junk up all by myself. Oh, well.

posted by scutum on May 22, 2002 08:45 PM

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