June 07, 2002
Global Capitalism foes overwhelmed by Counterdemonstrators


Link is here.

A quote from ExxonMobil's chairman quietly blows away the anti-globos arguments:

ExxonMobil chairman Lee Raymond told CNSNews.com that he was unfazed by the protesters. "We operate in over 200 countries around the world and for some reason that is bad," Raymond explained. He said ExxonMobil is a good corporate citizen throughout the world, hiring citizens from the countries in which it operates to satisfy 95 percent of its labor needs.

"If that is what they mean by globalization, then frankly everybody should support it," Raymond said.

Refute that, anti-globalization fanatics.

posted on June 07, 2002 07:07 PM


Oh, yes, God forbid that multinationals should pay the locals $3 or $4 a day to toil in their vineyards for nine or ten hours when that time can be better spent in quiet contemplation of, well, hunger comes immediately to mind.

I doubt any of the locals in those 200 countries are sitting around thinking "I'd rather die of starvation than work for ExxonMobil."

posted by CGHill on June 8, 2002 01:05 PM


The same arguments can be made about the Nike factories in Southeast Asia--their pay is low by American standards, but compared to the $0 the workers previously made, it is a lot of money. Additionally, the workers have access to on-site medical care, recreation facilities, and education, all of which would either not be available or would be far smaller in scope without the presence of the factories. These facts are overlooked by the critics of globalization, because it undercuts their basic thesis.

posted by scutum on June 9, 2002 01:30 PM

The companies are making such large profits with the employees working for such a low wage that the company ought to be paying more. That's the argument... I don't buy it though.

posted by Cal Ulmann on June 22, 2002 07:01 AM

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