June 09, 2002
In Israeli Hospital, Bomber Tells of Trying to Kill Israelis

This is an account of the life of a failed suicide bomber, currently undergoing treatment in an Israeli hospital. You may remember him as the chap who was dragged along the road by the Israeli bomb-squad robot after his explosive charge failed to detonate correctly. It is rather interesting how he works to justify what appears to be a rather nihilistic decision to kill himself, while taking out as many Israelis as possible.

He said he was "pushed" to make his attack not by Israeli action or a terrorist group, but by "the love of martyrdom." He added: "I didn't want revenge for anything. I just wanted to be a martyr."

This is the problem the Israelis are facing. How does one deal with people who are so disdainful of human life, including their own?

"I know Israel," he said, recalling his six years as a peddler here. "I know that the individual Israeli citizen is innocent like us. Unfortunately, we are victims of our leaders, sitting on their chairs."

No, you're not. Your decision to try and blow yourself up has nothing to do with Israel's leaders, and little to do with the Palestinian Authority.

Mr. Zaydan, who has been interrogated by the Israelis and is expecting to be prosecuted, said bitterly that he knew he would be jailed for life and remembered only as a terrorist.

Gee, he's bitter that history will correctly note his role. Reap what you sow, bud.

"I feel sorry, because it was a mistake," he said. "But as a human being, I should live like others. The way there is an Israeli state, there are people living in this state, enjoying life, having someone protect them. I don't live in this situation. I don't feel I'm secure."

<heavy sarcasm>

It was a MISTAKE? You mean, you DIDN'T intend to strap on that bomb and kill Israelis? Oh, our bad. Sorry about that.

</heavy sarcasm>

Soldiers could enter Jenin at any time, he said, and he constantly feared being arrested. "As long as life continues like this," he said, "you will have people who think like me." He insisted that he wanted peace, but said he saw little chance for it.

You mean, when te suicide bombers finally killed enough Jews for the Israelis to react, they actually ARRESTED people who were involved in terrorist activities? For shame! Perhaps peace would become a reality if poeple like you stopped strapping 30 pounds of fertilizer on, and then finding Israelis amongst which you detonate yourself.

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