June 12, 2002
Experts say study definitively shows kids' vaccines are safe

Not that yet another exhaustively documented, thorough study will have any effect on the anti-vaccination agitators.

I am a strong proponent of vaccination programs, because they work. Measles outbreaks are very rare in this country, because most kids are vaccinated.

One of the groups behind the anti-vaccination movement here in the US appears to be chiropractors. While I do not know if they are formally organized, many chiropractors are firmly in the anti-vaccination camp. While I believe that the chiropractic method has its applications (I've had several fix me up when I've been sore), I don't agree with their "all medication is bad" philosophy. For the same reason, I oppose any type of medical practice that eschews proper use of medication, such as holistic medicine or naturopathy.

I don't think that chiropractic can effectively deal with my condition, which is controlled fairly well by medication. A routine blood test 18 months ago revealed that I had an astronomically high triglyceride level of 977. After three months on Lopid, it had dropped to a high, but much more reasonable 229, where it has remained (with continued use of the drug). Such an abnormally high count cannot be accounted for solely by diet; there are strong indications that genetics are at work here, a view that is strengthened by my parents' medical histories. Consequently, I will most likely be taking this medicine for the rest of my life. Those who would advocate against medication argue that I am poisoning myself, whereas I believe that I am correcting a genetic defect.

posted on June 12, 2002 09:29 PM


My brother was diagnosed with diabetes when he was three years old. He is forty-seven now, and has taken insulin injections every day for 44 years. That's why he is still alive. Some medications do things that no chiropractor, holistic witch doctor or any other "alternative medicine" can do. Anti-vaccine nutballs rank right up there with members of the Flat Earth Society in my book.

posted by Acidman on June 13, 2002 05:15 PM

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