June 19, 2002
Paternity Follies

Sunday's Washington Post had an editorial about the futility of dealing with the District of Columbia's Superior Court in a mistaken child support collection case. While it appears to have been exasperating, it was nowhere near as bad as what men in California have endured. Los Angeles County, in particular, has taken a "collect child support regardless of the facts" stance, which has led to men paying child support even when DNA testing proves they are not the father.

Bill Quick discussed this situation earlier this week, and examples of Gil Garcetti's vendetta against men can be found in L.A. Weekly and the Alliance for Non-Custodial Parents Rights. This is an unconscionable violation of the Fourth Amendment rights of the men involved, because it is unquestionably an unreasonable seizure of their property (in these cases, the portion of their paychecks that is garnished to pay for children they did not father). Garcetti was removed from his post by the voters in 2000, but his toxic legacy lives on.

posted on June 19, 2002 05:18 PM


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