June 21, 2002
More Search requests

Some of the requests that have brought people here recently:

+blog +response +comment (Somehow, I am the number one return on this search)

arabic sex site pic (I was somewhere between 111-120 when the search was run; it's changed since then)

israeli odds bombings target gamble palestinian (another number one; I have no idea what this guy was looking for)

Netenyahu self-hatred (this is a little more obvious, and a lot more offensive)

westerfield conspiracy theory (rolls eyes, shakes head)

And of course, last but not least we have horologium, which was hit three times in the last week. For those who are curious, Horologium is another constellation. It comes from Latin, and the literal translation is "clock", hence the graphic and the (bad) pun for a motto.

I also had at least two searches for specific names of people who are not particularly notorious, so I assume they are auto-googling. I will not name them, as there is no need to embarass them.

posted on June 21, 2002 08:38 PM


I think the Israeli odds bombings target gamble palestinian search must be referring to the below story (through Kesher Talk)

Israelis find an odd way of coping with suicide bombings: "According to Maa'riv there is an illegal gambling going on about where is the next terror attack will happen. There are different odds for different areas. A terror attack on the Azrieli skyscrapers will earn the gambler 1500 times his bet and in Eilat times 1700. the more usual places like Jerusalem earn the gambler only 150 times his bet. The minimum bet is 10 shekels (two dollars) and there are strict definitions about the rules and about what will be considered as a terror attack."

posted by Ken Goldstein on June 22, 2002 07:39 AM

Ken, I'm sure you're right. I had forgotten about that.

posted by Timekeeper on June 22, 2002 09:25 AM

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