June 30, 2002
The Telegraph brings us a

The Telegraph brings us a story of a Palestinian mother who is not happy about her son becoming a Islamakazi.

This article has been covered elsewhere, but the last paragraph of the story really caught my attention:

The same day, masked men from the al-Aqsa brigade arrived at the house with the "martyr" posters. The family later turned away representatives of the Ba'ath Party of Saddam Hussein, the Iraqi president, who issues cheques to the parents of suicide bombers.

Two thoughts on this.

1) Israel should hunt down and execute the men who deliver the "martyr" signs. They are terrorists, pure and simple.

2) Hussein's representatives need to be deported, right away. If they possess diplomatic immunity, revoke it and deport them immediately. Bar any Iraqi governmental representatives entry into Israel, the West Bank, or Gaza. It won't stop the odious practice of rewarding the families of bombers, but it might make it more difficult for them to operate. In addition, it will create an electronic paper trail.

Another section of the story sickens me:

Issa and a female would-be suicide bomber, Arin Ahmed, were driven to the town of Rishon Lezion on May 21 by a minder from the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade, a radical offshoot of the Fatah movement of Yasser Arafat, the Palestinian leader.
Issa was to walk into a plaza lined with cafes and open-air backgammon tables and detonate a bag packed with 35kg of explosives and nails.
Arin's orders were to wait on the other side of the street where survivors from the first blast would take refuge and then detonate her bomb when she was surrounded by a crowd.

Thankfully, Arin backed out, otherwise the death toll would have been much higher. The concept that they would cause a second detonation after a crowd gathers is unspeakable.

(Link courtesy of Ye Olde Blogge, who found it at Daimnation)

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