July 16, 2002
Brendan O'Neill steps in it again

Brendan O'Neill needs to have the dosage of his meds adjusted.

In this little rant, a worthy follow-up to his temper-tantrum about lousy writing, he works so hard to bash those of us who posted the open letter of support to the Iranians that he forgets that the Iranians are not Arabs. (see the second paragraph)

And of course, there is the requisite bashing of those of us who have the colossal nerve to run a weblog without having a background in journalism (that is the first paragraph). By the way, isn't a single-sentence paragraph a faux pas? I commit it often enough, but then, I'm not a journalist, so substandard writing is clearly all one can expect from the likes of me.

Of course, there *is* the rest of the post, but I am way too burned out to dissect it. Maybe Andrea will take a whack at it.

posted on July 16, 2002 07:33 PM


How is this?

posted by Andrea Harris on July 16, 2002 09:22 PM

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