July 19, 2002
A note on Comments

I just deleted a comment because it broke my site.

The comments section is not designed for long rants, If you have a lot to say on a subject, use you own blog and a link. There is no reason to post a 1440 word comment (totally off-topic, for what it's worth), on ANYONE'S blog. If your comment is long enough to prevent my site from loading correctly, it's too long, and it's history as soon as I find it.

UPDATE-19 July 11:15PM I have exchanged e-mails with the individual involved, and it appears to have been an unintentional screw-up on his part (the post was intended for another blog who has a link to mine; he might have clicked on the link to my blog before he started posting). I have deleted the entire comment, including his name; no need to embarass him.

posted on July 19, 2002 10:30 PM


Could be worse. I once got a 7538-word comment, all but 26 of them quoted from Noam Chomsky. Apparently 'Zack' the evil Gnoam thought Chomsky's words would have the magical power of convincing anyone who read them. Or maybe he was hoping the huge wad of words would choke MT and kill my site. If so, he was disappointed.

posted by Dr. Weevil on July 20, 2002 03:46 PM

Oh, yes. I remember that one. He was a piece of work.

The biggest difference is in how comments are handled on your blog and on my blog. Inline comments (such as mine and Daily Pundit's) directly affect site load time. Other sites don't see much of an impact until someone attempts to access the comments.

That said, I still would have deleted the Chomsky electronic book. Comments of more than 200 words are generally inappropriate (especially on someone else' site).

posted by Timekeeper on July 20, 2002 04:05 PM

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