July 20, 2002
Note to Self

Sunburn on the back of one's knees is a reminder to use sunscreen liberally.

posted on July 20, 2002 03:12 PM


at least it's not the tops of your feet. worst feeling in the world is struggling to get pink or red skin into a pair of combat boots when you get dressed for work monday morning.

posted by Kevin on July 20, 2002 04:51 PM

Ow! I've done that. To the tops of my feet. Once I fell asleep on the beach with my jeans rolled up to my knees. I had to buy extra-strength hospital-grade sticky burn stuff to put on my legs and feet, and I could barely walk for two days. That was the last time I exposed myself to that much sun for any length of time, and in Florida that's not easy.

posted by Andrea Harris on July 20, 2002 08:25 PM

Twice in my life I've had sunburn on the backs of my legs so bad that I couldn't walk. Now I respect the healing power of aloe and the preventitive power of sunblock or protective clothes.

posted by Laurence Simon on July 21, 2002 12:10 PM

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