July 21, 2002
More on Harken

The Dodd, over at Ipse Dixit, is turning into a one-stop clearinghouse for rebuttals to disinformation regarding the Democratic Party's attempts to smear Bush over the Harken Energy issue.

Today, he noted this article, which points out that Bush voted against the Bahraini drilling deal that sustained Harken's stock for some time after it was announced.

Dodd has some analysis of his own here. He notes a major factual error in the coverage of the story, but also points out that Bush was right about the prospects of the deal, which turned out to be a bust.

I mailed a copy of the article to Paul Krugman. (grin) I doubt he'll even note that it cuts the legs out from his arguments against Bush, but hope springs eternal.

It's time for the Democrats to put up or shut up regarding Harken. There is no proof that Bush did anything wrong, and all the evidence that has been presented so far has pointed to Bush being as innocent as he claims. If that fails, perhaps the RNC can agitate for investigations of Terry McAuliffe's finances, which appear to be rather, um, interesting. Or maybe an investigation of Linda Hall Daschle, wife of the majority leader and congressional lobbyist. Both might prove to have some interesting tales to tell.

posted on July 21, 2002 03:47 PM


You fascists make me laugh. As soon as your imperial leader is asked to answer a questions about his rather curious past financial dealings, you start attacking other guys wives? Play fare you little stinker! Besides, the Harken story, though disturbing and yet to be truly "vetted", is only the tip of the proverbial republicanspeak corporatist iceberg. It will take years to unravel all the convoluted and incestuous malfeasance of this imposter and his obscenely rich adminiistration. Attack any democrat you like. Savage their wives if you must you cowards - (a typical repbulicanspeak corporatist tactic), we all know you will stoop to any level to destroy your oponent and cover up the truth. Yet, at the end of the day, the cronyism, incestuous collusion, systemic book cooking, and other acts of skullduggery will expose Bush and his clan as the imposters and theives they truly are.

Let us bring your facts and my facts to the table and see what comes of it. The truth will set you free homey!


posted by Tony Foresta on July 23, 2002 10:33 PM

Let's see here...

I am a fascist because I support the free market, and because I'd rather trust Bush than the Democratic alternatives? I don't think so.

Your post demonstrates a basic lack of understanding behind the underpinnings of fascism. Please describe how my views are fascist if you are going to fling perjoratives around.

"Republicanspeak corporatist"--you really need to come up with a new neologism for this one; between the six or seven times you used it at Daily Pundit, and the eight or nine times you used it in the screed I deleted, it sort of loses a lot of its impact. Rather like "fascist". Does this mean I get to call you a "communist" or "Stalinist"?

As for attacking the messenger, that is a favorite tactic of the left. The Bill and Monica show turned into a trial of Ken Starr, even though he wasn't on the stand. Of course, you don't want to remember that, do you?

You present a fierce wall of sound and fury, yet there is absolutely no substance to your diatribe; all you can come up with is empty clichés about the corruption and evil in the Bush administration. Instead of innuendo, try facts. That was what my post was about, although the message obviously totally escaped you.

posted by Timekeeper on July 23, 2002 10:54 PM

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