July 21, 2002
Sullivan disses the NYTimes

...and he is 100% on target. In this article, originally written for the New York Sun, he addressed how the Times uses polls to deliver the anti-Bush spin they want, rather than a more balanced analysis. He compares the Times' coverage with that of the Washington Post; even though the polls (and their results) read almost exactly the same , it sure doesn't sound like it from the reporting.

The area in which the New York Times excels in its anti-Bush bias, however, is the headlines, traditionally the most important part of any story. He mentions specific instances of biased (or outright incorrect) headlines to deliver a spin on the news in a fashion calculated to harm Bush the most.

And there is this gem, which the New York Times actually included in a poll:

Do you think George W. Bush is in charge of what goes on in his administration most of the time or do you think other people are really running the government?

This is why books like Ann Coulter's Slander have such an impact on the marketplace—despite their protests to the contrary, much of the media are unmistakably biased against Bush and conservatism in general.

posted on July 21, 2002 06:42 PM


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