July 23, 2002
Seeing Double

As most regular readers know, I scan the letters sections of both of the Seattle papers on a daily basis. I had a strong feeling of déja vu today. One gentleman managed to get the same letter published in both papers on the same day. (Seattle Times and Seattle Post-Intelligencer). Note: The Post-Intelligencer letter is missing the first paragraph—I do not know if the paper edited it or if the writer left it out.

While I don't strongly disagree with Rev. Ron Moe-Lebeda's comments today, his comments elsewhere (Seattle Post-Intelligencer letter on July 17th and The Lutheran letter to the editor January 2002) seem to paint him as a garden variety lefty. And here, I thought that all religious figures were part of the religious right...

posted on July 23, 2002 10:41 PM


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