July 28, 2002
Live from Fort Myers Beach...

I'm back online. I had intended to blog last night, but a sudden change of plans forced me to reevaluate.

My mother had booked us a week in a nice 2/2 condo, directly on the beach, last month. When we arrived, we found that the management company had booked another family over top of us, LAST WEEK. They had a two-week booking that started last week, so they were already moved in. The complex was totally booked (no surprise, as this time of year is very busy for SW Florida). Of course, being Saturday, the management company (bluegreen is their name) was closed. We had groceries in the car, and no place to stay. After 20 phone calls, we found a couple of possibilities (we needed two rooms and a kitchen, which meant that most of the hotels were out. We also weren't going to spend $1500 or so for a premium suite). None of the possibilities panned out—they were either not available, not answering, or not up to our standards. We finally found one (next to a dive that was not an option), and they had one unit left, at a reasonable price. It's a bit smaller than we'd have preferred, but it is nice, clean, and has a wonderful view of the Gulf of Mexico from the living room and bedroom windows, and a nice screened patio that overlooks the gulf as well.

I'll probably post something later tonight, but I want to catch up with all the news I've missed elsewhere on the other blogs.

posted on July 28, 2002 08:39 AM


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