August 01, 2002
UN releases Jenin report

Yep. I'm still around.

If you've e-mailed me, or linked to me recently, I've noticed. I'll be updating the bloglist this weekend, and responding to e-mail at that time.

Now, the subject of this post, from the Beeb:

UN says no massacre in Jenin

We've not heard this for a while, but the UN report puts the final nail in the coffin of the "massacre" that never occurred. 52 Palestinian deaths, half of whom were civilians (by this, I assume they mean non-combatants; it's a semantic distinction, but an important one). Of course, the condemnation of the Israeli use of tanks is noted, as is the refused cooperation from the Israeli military, but it also notes the Palestinian fondness for hiding terrorist leaders in densely populated areas, as well the booby traps they set (which, while intended to kill IDF soldiers, also imperiled non-combatants).

Of course, it has its shortcomings, as well: It discusses the Israeli policy of detaining ("attacking") ambulances, but it fails to note that the Palestinians were using them as high-speed explosives ferries, and it grouses about curfews restricting the diets of Palestinian civilians. Of course, if the attacks originating in Jenin hadn't occurred, then this wouldn't be an issue, but that is another discussion.

The Palestinian negotiator Saec Erekat rejected the report's findings, insisting that a massacre did occur. (For once, the UN releases a report with which the Palestinians disagree, and Palestinians are beside themselves with rage—the nerve of the UN team to disagree with our assertions!)

"How many civilians must be killed to speak of a massacre?"

I don't know; the Palestinians have been screaming their damn heads off about the 14 killed in Gaza city, but they've been strangely silent about the 19 killed in Jerusalem in June, the 17 killed on a bus in Megiddo (also in June), the 29 killed in Netanya in incomplete list (only includes attacks up until June 19) can be found here.

This Palestinian doubletalk makes me ill. (After looking over the list to which I have linked, I actually feel queasy). At least the UN has finally released a report which assigns some blame to the Arabs, instead of "it's all Israel's fault", which has been the norm.

As an aside, five of the seven killed in the university bombing were AMERICANS, not Israelis, and ten of the dozens who were injured were Israeli Arabs. The Bush administration released a very strongly worded statement about the attack, but still held out the hope of peace. I think they are misguided; the Palestinian terrorists will not (or can not) respond to reason.

posted on August 01, 2002 08:27 AM


If sexually repressed psychotic islamic fundamentalist murderers desire a jihad, why not give it to them? It is rather difficult to murder innocent people at a market in Haifa, if you are splattered all over your own living room in Nablus. It is challenging for a mullah to teach teams of five year olds to kill Americans if he has a gaping hole in his head.

This silly delusional religious fantasy of the world and especially America ever succumbing to the unholy extremism of islam, is an hilarious joke, and needs to be exposed as such. These madmen have to realize it is never going to happen. We evidently need to teach them. Once they have that fact straight, - once we instruct them on the mechanics, physics, art, and chemistry of the military repercussions they will assuredly hazard for their criminal behavior, - they will be less prone to strap on plastex and slaughter innocent people, or there will simply be,.. less of them.

It will not be pretty, but it is I fear inevitable. Deranged islamic fundamentalist murderers, understand only one thing; - the “sword”. Give it to them.

posted by Tony Foresta on August 3, 2002 07:54 PM

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