August 08, 2002
Clinton Administration employed Enron Accounting

I read this over at Ipse Dixit, and it made my blood boil. After listening to the Dems rake the GOP over the coals over "corporate malfeasance", it is manifestly obvious that the only difference between Enron and the Clinton Administration is that the people at Enron got caught. Go to Ipse Dixit to read the numbers (I'm not going to steal Dodd's thunder), because they are astonishing and outrageous. If this had happened on Bush's watch, every bloody media outlet in the country and every bloody donk in Washington would be screaming their heads off, but I expect a deafening silence from the left over this nonsense.

Wanna bet that they will still try to link Bush to the corporate scandals, and dismiss this as more "hatchet jobs from the vast right-wing conspriracy"? Bloody hypocritical bastards.

posted on August 08, 2002 03:06 PM


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