August 20, 2002
Absurd Poll

The gay general interest magazine The Advocate has a poll up which asks its readers

Do you think that there is a connection between support for gay and lesbian rights and support for Palestinian rights?

Which is ludicrous, because the Islamic fundamentalists that are fueling the intifada hate gays almost as much as they hate Jews, and of course Israel is the only country in the entire region that does not radically persecute gays.

I was interested in the current results; despite the "gay leadership" being very vocal in their support of the Palestinians, over 80% of the voters rejected linking the two issues. This is particularly noteworthy becasue the Human Rights Campaign (the largest gay lobbying group) gave Cynthia McKinney a $5000 contribution (link here) to her reelection campaign. Yes, McKinney has been a supporter of gay rights, but her support comes with a lot of baggage attached (her views on Israel, for example).

The poll (and a link to the results and comments) can be found here. Perhaps a little ballot-box stuffing (like thhe CAIR poll of a few months ago) is in order, although this one seems to be doing okay without any help.

(Link courtesy of Red Letter Day).

posted on August 20, 2002 03:50 PM


Please spread the word to all of your gay and lesbian friends to vote "No" in the Advocate poll. Lets make a statment with a 90% "No" vote as a rejection of this so called 'linkage' between gay rights and palestinian rights!!

posted by Jerry Janoff on August 23, 2002 04:49 PM

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