August 30, 2002
Letters from Seattle

I am not in Seattle, but a quick glance at the websites of the Times and the Post-Intelligencer reveals that the idiotarians of Seattle continue to spew their drivel. Here's a sample.

From the Seattle Post-Intelligencer:

David Horsey's cartoon (Aug. 22) showing President Bush giving the rich almost all the goodies and the rest of us only crumbs was right on the mark, but please do not give "W" all the credit for such maldistribution.

Our own Sen. Patty Murray would do worse. She is a fervent advocate of eliminating the estate tax, a gift for the undeserving rich that will result in the rest of us having to make up for the lost revenue by paying higher taxes.
Ben Stickler

Wow, we have an aggressive class warrior here; he not only doesn't feel that the rich should keep the money that their parents have worked to amass, but they are undeserving. He frets about higher taxes, but I doubt that he supported the Bush tax cut, which dropped taxes for the lowest bracket by a full one third.

I have a question for Mr. Stickler. Why is it that the richest taxpayers (those in the highest bracket) are still paying a higher percentage of their taxes (even after the tax cut) than they were when Clinton was inaugurated? Was it because the "massive tax cut for the rich" still didn't cancel out the massive tax INCREASE from 1993?

This letter, from the Seattle Times, cannot be rebutted, because her screaming anti-Bush fervor obviously renders her incapable of coherent thought:

The Bush administration, in an effort to promote a war with Iraq, repeats endlessly that we need a regime change.
Right sentiment. Wrong country.
The regime change we need is right here ... in the good old U.S. of A.
Nora Porter, Port Townsend

Whatever. I'm surprised she didn't work in something about "selected, not elected". I thought that sort of statement was a requirement for those who share her mindset.

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