September 09, 2002

A link to this article on CNN was sent to all in our unit, after we were warned about possible political fallout from US military presence in Germany. I think that last night's debate just ratcheted up tensions another notch. Schroeder has been trying to play to both sides in the debate, "defying" Bush as a sop to his leftist constituents, and "supporting the UN resolutions" in an effort to capture the centrist vote. Gauging public reaction to the debate shows that he is succeeding, as a decisive majority favor his foreign policy views over those of his challenger.

In other news here, German police arrested a Turkish man and his American fiancee, who was employed at an AAFES retail store on the base which houses the US European Headquarters, among other facilities. A search of the couple's home revealed 287 pounds of explosives and five pipe bombs, among other things, and a portrait of Osama bin Laden. You can read about this here.

My personal view on this subject is pretty cut and dry. We should request extradition of the woman, and then put her on trial for treason. Let the Germans handle the man any way they wish, but I want the woman on trial here in the U.S. I take threats like that VERY personally. It could have the base to which I am assigned, and that strikes far too close to home for me for comfort.

posted on September 09, 2002 05:11 PM


Re: your demand for extradition and trial for treason; I'll second that motion! However, I will bet the Germans will fight any such move unless we promise not to seek the death penalty.

posted by John F. MacMichael on September 10, 2002 11:30 PM

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