September 17, 2002
Remembering Shiri Negari

Shiri was a very special person. Gifted with beauty, joy, talent and goodness of the heart.

Shiri was a proud Jewish Israeli young woman. She was murdered on Tuesday, June 18th 2002 by a Palestinian suicide bomber on her way to work.

Remembering Shiri Negari

(Note: I am not the first person to link to this website; Somewhere on A1A blogged about it in early July, and Instapundit and Amish Tech Support have linked to it as well. However, I received an e-mail recently asking me to help keep Shiri's memory alive. I am very choosy about what I blog, but this is certainly something that I support, and feel for her family.)

posted on September 17, 2002 05:37 PM


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