October 23, 2002
Stupid letters Derby

Taking on the challenge from Moira Breen (whether Seattle or Portland is filled with the most reprehensively kneejerk liberals), I submit this astonishingly unorginal diatribe from the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, reciting The Litany™ in its full glory (scroll down the comments to see the original):

With congressional elections just two weeks away, the administration must be gloating with satisfaction. For the past month the media have focused almost entirely on going to war against Iraq, and have successfully diverted attention from such messy domestic issues as:
Our plunging economy.
An unbelievable swing from a healthy budget surplus to an enormous deficit.
Growing disparity between the rich and the poor.
Flagrant disregard for campaign finance controls.
Corporate fraud on an unprecedented scale.
Hundreds of thousands of jobs lost and retirement funds wiped out.
Forty-five million Americans without medical insurance.
Savage dismantling of environmental protection laws.
Unmet transportation and affordable housing needs.
Diminished vulnerability to terrorism.
We're being taken for a long ride.
Diane Kendy

Ms. Kendy left out abortion; we musn't forget that Bush is committed to making all abortions illegal. </sarcasm> Other than that, it appears that she hit every single talking point on the Democratic Party's agenda.

(As to the "flagrant disregard to campaign finance laws" thing, refer to the next post, although I am quite sure that Ms. Kendy was *not* talking about that particular violation.)

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