October 27, 2002
Bin Laden's will?

CNN reports that London-based Arabic newsmagazine Al Majalla ran a four-page document on Saturday that the magazine claims to be Osama bin Laden's will.

The will is dated December 14, 2001, and has a few interesting tidbits, if it is true.

"Even amongst the students of religion, only few stood their ground and fought, and the rest either surrendered or fled," the document says, referring to the Taliban, according to a translation for CNN.
Despite the setbacks, the purported will says, "We will be victorious against the U.S. and the infidel West even if it takes tens of years."
"My last advice is to the mujahedeen everywhere," the document says. "Take a breather and put aside for the time being, fighting the Jews and the Crusades, and instead devote your efforts to purifying your groups from the agents and the cowards and those impostors who claim to be scholars amongst you."
"As for you, my sons, forgive me if I failed to devote more of my time to you since I answered the call to Jihad," the document says.
It continues: "I have carried the burden of Muslims and their causes, and have chosen a dangerous path and endured hardship, disappointment and betrayal. If it wasn't for betrayal, things would be different today."
The writer advises his sons, "This is the most precious advice I can give you. I also want you to stay away from al Qaeda," asking them "not to follow in his path and seek leadership."
Because of the message to his children, Nakshabandi said he believes there will be dramatic upheaval in al Qaeda leadership, and his magazine plans another article in the next week or so based on correspondence among the group's leaders.
To his wives, the author of the document says, "May God reward you generously. You have been very supportive to me. You recognized right at the start that the path will be paved with land mines and other obstacles."
"Don't consider marrying again, and devote yourselves to your children and guide them to the right path."
The purported will, signed "Your brother Abu Abdullah Osama Muhammad Bin Laden," could not be independently authenticated.

Well, that is certainly an interesting little docuument. I'd be interested to see how bin Laden's assets (those that remain) are to be divided. The article makes no mention of bin Laden's personal fortune, which I have seen quoted elsewhere to be estimated at 350 Million dollars.

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