October 27, 2002
More from Diana Abu-Jaber

She's baaa-ack!

Last seen castigating the Bush administration's "war script" in the pages of the Seattle Times (link and commentary here), she has jumpted to the other Washington, to pen this long snivel in the Washington Post about how the voices of dissent are being squashed by a complacent media and a one-dimensional congress.

William Sjostrom at AtlanticBlog dismisses her argument with a few facts (and provides an alternate link to the Seattle Times article, now posted at uber-lefty site Common Dreams), and Glenn Reynolds adds a few pointed comments of his own (and a few relevant links).

(UPDATE: AtlanticBlog is hosted on Blogspot, which is broken as usual. Use the front page as a link, and scroll down.)

posted on October 27, 2002 05:05 PM


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