November 30, 2002
Kenya—rockets found

CNN reports that a pair of missile launchers and two unused missiles were found at the site from which an attack on an Israeli airplane was launched on Thursday.

Al Qaeda and an associated Somali group are suspected in the attack, which was coupled with a nearly simultaneous hotel bombing, which killed 16 people.

Kenya has become a hotbed of Al Qaeda activity in recent years; the American embassy in Mombasa was bombed in 1998, killing over 200 people.

Mombasa is a mostly Muslim city with links to the Arab world. Prominent Islamist Abubakar Awadh, an official of the Supreme Council of Kenya Muslims, told Reuters on Friday: "If this was done to Israelis alone, it would be a worthy cause." He said he was speaking in a personal capacity.

If we could target Islamofascists alone, it would be a worthy cause. I speak in a personal capacity. Abubakar Awadh will burn in hell for glorifying murder.

Kenyan President Daniel arap Moi visited the missile site Friday, where he told reporters, "We are very bitter because our economy relies on people who come here freely. But still Kenya is secure for tourists or for anybody. Our government is going to act very swiftly to mobilize the common people to know who is a friend and who is not a friend."

It's ludicrous that it took another attack for arap Moi to crack down on the terrorists operating in Kenya; the attack in 1998 killed far more Kenyans than Americans. Why has he waited so long to deal with the murderous savages in his country?

Kenyan police report detaining 12 people for questioning.

"We have one American lady, one Spanish man ... there are six Pakistanis and four Somalis," a Kenyan police spokesman said.
The Pakistanis and the Somalis were arrested for illegally entering the country, officials said. The American woman and her husband were detained as they checked out of the Le Soleil Beach Club about 90 minutes after the attacks.

Hmmm, six Pakistanis and four Somalis who entered the country illegally. (The Spaniard and his American wife were apparently in the country legally). I think we may have the culprits. More Arab Islamic terrorists. Imagine that.

posted on November 30, 2002 09:44 AM


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