March 04, 2003
Feeling slighted

For those who are unfamiliar with the way the navy advances its people, trying to explain the process would be an exercise in frustration. However, the quick explanation is that (for the upper-level enlisted types, at least), there is a two-tier process. One first takes a written test, with questions concentrated on one's occupational field. The results of the test, coupled with the individual's performance mark average (PMA), are multiplied to yield a final multiple. Each year, the threshold to advance to the next section changes, and everyone who is above that level advances to a selection board, where senior enlisted and officers review service records to determine who will be advanced.

In any case, I was informed that I had "made board", I would continue on to the next level. When I reviewed my profile sheet from the exam, it duly noted that I was eligible for the selection board. I was more than a little bit surprised when I looked at the list of everyone who made the selection board, and noted that my name wasn't on the list. I'm sure it's an oversight, as I know that I made the board, but I still feel slighted.

For those who have a raging desire to see who the navy is considering for advancement to Chief Petty Officer, a list can be found here.

UPDATE: 8 Mar 03—As Dodd alludes to in his comment, my name is on this list after all. It wasn't on the five-part message that BUPERS sent out, however, leading me to believe that somebody caught and fixed the errors before the list was consolidated.

posted on March 04, 2003 05:28 AM


"AT1 ATOC JETER ANDREW" was in my A-School class. I was #2, he was #3. Because he had a couple of extra points from an inspection, he actually got to pick orders ahead of me but he let me have the NASNI orders I wanted and took China Lake so he could actually work on planes.

No other names I recognized (other than yours, of course), but then, a lot of them are pretty common - and my memory for names isn't that hot.

posted by Dodd on March 5, 2003 11:21 PM

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