March 04, 2003
Krauthammer on the New New world order

Charles Krauthammer discusses some of the realities of the UN and NATO, and post-cold war alliances in general, in this column. He points out that France, in particular, is acting not only to preserve its own interests (in Iraq), but more as an impediment to American interests. One paragraph, in particular, rings true:

Second, there should be no role for France in Iraq, either during the war, should France change its mind, or postwar. No peacekeeping. No oil contracts. And France should be last in line for loan repayment, after Russia. Russia, after all, simply has opposed our policy. It did not try to mobilize the world against us.

This is the distillation of the arguments of many in the blogosphere who are incensed at France, moreso than those who support her position, such as Russia, China, and Syria. After all, France doesn't want change, therefore they should not participate in a changed Iraq.

posted on March 04, 2003 06:10 AM


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