March 07, 2003
Fight PETA

Meryl Yourish saw an ad in the new PETA campaign against meat, and saw red. She has decided to do something about it.. March 15th is hereby designated "International Eat An Animal For PETA Day". I fired off a missive to PETA, announcing my support for the measure:

Because you find the need to use despicable imagery to push your extremist campaigns, you caught my attention with your hideous new campaign.
As a consequence, I will be participating in the "International Eat An Animal For PETA" campaign. I will eat out that night, and I will make sure that the server and the proprietors of the restaurant know why I am dining there. I will do everything in my power to make sure that all of my friends participate. I will enjoy eating a nice hearty cut of Prime Rib, with bacon, cheese and butter on my potato. I might even save some room for a nice slice of cheesecake, or perhaps some ice cream.
Your campaign is repulsive, it is offensive, and it is wrong. Good taste has never stopped you in the past, nor do I expect it to do so in the future. This time, however, you have gone way too far. My father lives in a community that is filled with elderly Jews; some of his neighbors have tattoos on their forearms. They are the lucky ones; they survived. I doubt that they will find your campaign to be anything other than the vulgar, crass publicity stunt that it is. I will make sure my father informs all of his neighbors that you feel that they are equivalent to chickens or pigs; I'm sure that will go over well.
I hope that this campaign destroys your fundraising abilities; Hollywood has many people who identify strongly with the Holocaust, and without celebrity support your group is just another fringe cause; without celebrities you won't raise the money you need to keep your high profile in the media.
Chew on that. I'll chew on my prime rib.

Please, join in on this worthy cause. It won't require much of a sacrifice, and it will send a message to PETA, one that will make them squirm.

BTW, if you decide to e-mail PETA, you will receive a pair of e-mails from them. I do not yet know if I am on their mailing list. I used my blog e-mail address, so if I start receiving vast amounts of spam from them, I'll have to change it.

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