March 17, 2003
The Home Front

Susanna Cornett and Mike Hendrix (of Cut on the Bias and Cold Fury) have started up a database of companies that are supporting our troops during the upcoming action in Iraq. These companies are continuing to pay reservists while they are recalled to active duty, either full pay or the difference between their regular pay and the pay they receive from the military when they are recalled. Since the difference can be quite significant, this is of great significance to reservists with families. There is no law in place that requires companies to do so, but these companies go the extra step. Show your support of their efforts by patronizing them in support of their efforts, and don't be afraid to let them know WHY you chose them. The complete list can be found here, or by clicking on the "Home Front" button on the sidebar.

posted on March 17, 2003 10:49 AM


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