June 03, 2003
Flacking for the DNC

Dodd, over at Ipse Dixit, has a nice illustration that shows that the Demmies screaming about Bush's mishandling of the economy need to come up with a new meme. The stock market is on a nice, steady upward trend.

Of course, they will have to scramble to find a new argument. In the spirit of generosity and giving, I shall provide them with a talking point:

The tax cuts are counterproductive. The economy is recovering, so stimulating it could lead to inflation. We should use this opportunity to invest in our country's infrastructure, and work to ensure that all Americans benefit from our good fortune, rather than just the wealthy few.

Somehow, I don't think they'll appreciate my suggestion, although all of the elements of a good Dem talking point are there: faulty economics, calls for increased taxation (repealing approved tax cuts is the same as a tax increase), class warfare, and a misplaced cause/effect relationship.

Any thoughts?

posted on June 03, 2003 08:21 PM


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