June 04, 2003

Instapundit linked to this page, noting that he was a centrist blogger, and that pretty pictures don't lie. Well, while I was gazing upon the loveliness, I noted that I was missing (not surprising). I also noticed that somehow, Meryl Yourish ended up to the right of not only Glenn, but also Andrew Sullivan. Heh. I knew that Meryl would be somewhat less than thrilled by this </understatement>. The e-mail she sent back to me confirmed my suspicions.

That guy is so dead. He is SO dead. Effing right of SULLIVAN?

Meryl is not someone that I would ever want mad at me. <grin> I pity the guy who came up with the chart...

(BTW, to those who wonder: I cleared posting this exchange with Meryl. I don't normally post e-mails without asking. Abusive or excessively stupid e-mails don't get this consideration.)

posted on June 04, 2003 07:07 PM


Yes, but I was the furtherest to the right of anyone, and that made me quite happy. And is probably also accurate, given who he included. So after Meryl kills him, maybe I'll bring him back from the dead ;).

posted by susanna on June 5, 2003 11:02 AM

Y'know, considering that you and Meryl have spent time together, somehow I don't think you ever discussed politics. <evil grin>

posted by timekeeper on June 6, 2003 10:01 PM

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