June 07, 2003
Search engine hits

I'm suffering from a bad case of brain rot this evening, so I can't give you anything that requires a lot of thought. What I can give you, however, is some of my recent search engine hits, along with my thoughts on them.

humor kucinich

Well, he's a joke...

mary kate and ashley nude

That's the last time I ever participate in a google bomb.

calvin hobbes comic verbing

Still one of the more common search results, even though I only blogged it once.

"Pledge of Allegiance" hoax unconstitutional

The ruling is a hoax, or it's unconstitutional is a hoax?

Several different searches for pr0n

I've edited the post about the Sean Penn article, so that "pussyfooting" is now one word, without the hyphen. That particular word had never appeared on this site before, which cut down on the perverts.

xanax statistic baby

Ooooh, yeah. I'm a Xanax statistic, baby! Sounds like the lyrics to a punk rock song.

Canadian Alliance VS. PC'S

Another hit from a single post. I'm still waiting for a Canadian to answer my question.

"left wing conspiracy" debunked

Not here, big guy.


(From a Czech site.) Aren't the Czech chicks good enough for you?

how to eliminate hezbollah

If you find an answer, let us all know. We'd love to be rid of them.

"Serge Schmemman"

Wow, let's hit the wayback machine. That was my very first post, from March 29, 2002.

"Lawrence vs. Texas"

This is far and away the most common search result for this blog, when you add all its variations together, on a multitude of search engines. It's interesting, because this is neither a gay-rights site, nor a "family values" site. If I'm getting this many hits from the search result, I wonder how many somebody like Andrew Sullivan gets.

And of course, we have an assload of searches for "Horologium". I have an easy address to remember; why do I have so many people using search engines to find my site, when they already the the name, which is the hard part?

posted on June 07, 2003 07:50 PM


I asked something like that once, and was told that it's done by people surfing from work who don't wish to keep bookmarks in plain sight and believe using Google as an intermediary will somehow keep them from getting sacked when the techies get hold of their machines and reveal what they've been doing with the company bandwidth — after all, they were just doing some searching, nothing more.

I'd rather not believe people are this insane, but I have little choice in the matter.

posted by CGHill on June 7, 2003 08:46 PM

FYI, the discussion was here.

posted by Oscar Jr. on June 9, 2003 06:40 PM

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