June 14, 2003
Deroy Murdock on Iraq

While it's not really groundbreaking (to readers of the blogosphere), Deroy Murdock's most recent column is a nice roundup of some of the less-reported discoveries in Iraq, and the implications of these discoveries for the anti-war-at-any-cost faction of the left (and of the extreme right, as well).

He also points out the inevitable result of such posturing:

Deep down, those who scream for Iraq's weapons of mass death right now! probably hope they remain concealed. If they never materialize, they will focus on the absence of equipment rather than the presence of evil, now vanquished, and thus dismiss Iraq's liberation as a worthless escapade. But if the mustard gas canisters do appear, these detractors will claim they were planted. Bush and Blair toppled Saddam Hussein, but opposite these naysayers, they never can win.

Does anyone doubt that the Buried Donks and the rest of the tinfoil-hat brigade will, in fact, accuse the Bush administration of planting any WMD that will be found in Iraq? I don't doubt it for a moment. They are so blinded by hatred of Bush that they will never accept that perhaps they were wrong.

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