June 16, 2003
Europe crushing free speech?

CG Hill, at Dustbury, found an article on CNET which reveals that a European NGO known as the Council of Europe is about to pass a law that bears more than a passing resemblance to the defunct (and unmissed) "Fairness Doctrine", only this one applies to the internet!. He explains:

Declan McCullagh at CNET's News.com reports that the Council is about to adopt a measure which would demand that should a person or an organization be criticized on the Net, at a news site, on a listserv, even in a blog, the Webmaster or list-owner must make space available for a response to that criticism, what they call the "right of reply."

The fairness doctrine was inherently unfair, and its only virtue was that it was seldom employed here in the United States. I seriously doubt that it would enjoy such a status in Europe, where bureaucracy and overregulation obviate the need for lawyers and lawsuits, as is the custom in this country.

Go read Chaz's whole piece, and follow the links he provides. His warning is right on target.

posted on June 16, 2003 08:14 PM


What an utterly insane notion. "Right of reply"?

Where to begin...

posted by Sean Kirby on June 16, 2003 09:29 PM

Europe is fubared (f**ked up beyond
all recognition.) I predict an Europian civil war in 5 to 10 years.

posted by Bill on June 16, 2003 09:37 PM

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