June 19, 2003
Another week, another wacky blogmap

Earlier this month, I linked (via Instapundit) to a map that showed Meryl Yourish as being more conservative than Andrew Sullivan. Now Instapundit has another map up, and this one has a real howler—James Lileks is further to the left than Spinsanity and (hold your breath) Daily Kos.

Hello? McFly? Anyone home?

Am I the only one who finds this more than a little surreal? I mean, they have Kos as right of center, for crying out loud. And Lileks as center-left. It's especially bizarre coming from Online Journalism Review, which doesn't have an ax to grind with any of the blogs on the map.

Of course, almost all attempts to map blogs according to politics are doomed to fail if you plot on a single left/right axis, rather than a quadrant approach similar to the one at Politopia. However, some of the measures here are a bit off. The story does not indicate how the politics of each blog were quantified, or the period during which the measurements occurred.

posted on June 19, 2003 08:32 PM


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