June 21, 2003
The Greens—Introduction

I've seen some pretty crazy manifests and party platform planks from both the Democrats and the Republicans (same for the Libertarian Party, the Reform Party, and the Natural Law Party), but none of them can compare with the Green Party USA platform. The scary thing about the Green party platform is threefold—these people are true believers, they are shockingly naive about how economics works, and they are part of a worldwide movement. Looking at their platform, there is enough terrifyingly idiotic material to make multiple posts. I am going to break up their platform into several posts, with my comments about each of their planks. Remember that these people received almost 4% of the vote in the 2000 election, and performed very well in a number of key battleground states. This platform, if it were to be put into effect, would demolish the constitution utterly and irrevocably, and create an envirofascist state that would be a nightmare to all who did not share the views of the party.

posted on June 21, 2003 06:55 PM


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