June 25, 2003
point made

Francis W. Porretto, writing at The Palace of Reason, makes an interesting point on the reactions of six of the nine dwarves to the whole UMichigan Supreme Court decision. To quote him:

Note how four of the six candidates directly referred to the president in commenting on this development. It's not that they're unaware that President Bush doesn't sit on the Supreme Court. President Bush is their opponent; therefore, whatever they say from now until November 2004 must somehow connect to him. If Osama bin Laden were to nuke Tokyo, these candidates would strain to color it as somehow Dubya's fault.

(He is responding to the statements of the six dwarves who spoke at the Rainbow/PUSH convention in Chicago.)

Exactly. If Gore were president, the same case might very well be heard, but you wouldn't have the Dems bashing the president, because he'd be one of them. (Or in Al Sharpton's case, "One of my kind".)

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