June 30, 2003
Stupid Letters

From the Sunday Seattle Times letters page:

I have an answer for the people who continually attack Bill Clinton, a president who has been out of office for nearly three years (Northwest Voices, June 22). Why don't you start attacking other former presidents, like Warren Harding, a man who was president when the Teapot Dome scandal hit America, one of the biggest crimes of the 20th century.
Or maybe attack Richard Nixon. We all remember him, the president who was forced to resign under the cloud of Watergate, a scandal that blackened the name of the United States for years.
But wait, I'm getting ahead of myself. Weren't these presidents Republicans?

Alan Cummings, Port Angeles

Hmmm. Teapot Dome. How about Elk Hills? Ring a bell? (BTW, Elk Hills was also involved in the Harding scandal!) This was finally resolved THIS WEEK. It will interesting to find out what the DoE was trying so hard to cover up, although with the interesting Gore connection to Occidental Petroleum, it ought to be titillating.

Watergate? A third-rate burglary that Nixon tried to cover up. Congress wanted to string Nixon up for threatening to have the IRS audit his enemies, something Clinton actually did. (Yes, I know the link is from WorldNetDaily. Sue me.)

Sure, the right will stop bringing up Clinton when you stop mentioning Iran/Contra, Watergate, and Joe McCarthy.

One of the reasons the right keeps bringing up Clinton is because of his acute case of Carter's syndrome—he keeps himself in the spotlight, and keeps his name current in the media. Unlike former presidents such as Eisenhower, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Reagan and George H. W. Bush, Clinton (and Carter too) refuse to let go. Most ex-presidents shun the spotlight, preferring to let the current politicians talk the talk and walk the walk. Clinton holds press conferences, issues press releases, and injects himself into the media consciousness at any and every opportunity. He's going to continue to garner negative press as long as he continues to whore himself to the media.

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