June 30, 2003
10 out of 6

Chaz, at dustbury.com discusses his results at BlogMatcher, and notes that his top ten includes only nine blogs (Cut on the Bias appears twice, with a slight variation of the URL.) Well, Chaz, I can top that. My top 10 includes only six blogs, since not only does Susanna show up twice, but Instapundit shows up three times. And one of the ten is under its old URL! Nyah.

My list:

On the Third Hand
No Watermelons Allowed
Silflay Hraka (old site)
Daily Pundit
Cut on the Bias

I left out the duplicates.

Kathy is getting linked the next time I update the bloglist; not only does she top my list here, but she is also in my local neighborhood on blogstreet, and she is the only one on my list that I haven't already added to my list. It doesn't hurt that I like her blog. Conversely, she is one of only two who don't have reciprocal links to me. (VodkaPundit is the other, and I have no idea why he's never noticed me. He's noticed just about everyone else.)

posted on June 30, 2003 04:37 AM


Mr Green has never paid the slightest attention to me. Then again, neither has Prof Reynolds, though I did cadge an item link out of him once for some trivial etymological matter.

I read Ms Kinsley only sporadically, which, after reviewing the last few days' worth of postings, seems far too infrequent. This matter will be corrected in due course.

posted by CGHill on June 30, 2003 12:58 PM

That got my attention...
Just added both you and Dustbury. :)

posted by Kathy K on July 2, 2003 07:12 AM

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