July 06, 2003
Orson Scott Card on the Dems

Moral Stupidity is the title of an Orson Scott Card column of two weeks ago. He is discussing the obtuseness of those who cannot differentiate between Israel and Palestine, and ties in the double standards of the current crop of Democratic Party leaders (Card is a Democrat, FWIW). A point about Democratic double-dealing:

Or take the Florida recounts in 2000. We still hear charges of how the Republicans "stole" the election, even though there has not been a credible case made for any stolen votes in the original count. (All the charges have been about "systemic" unfairness.)
But Democrats were openly playing precisely the same games that the Daley machine had always played in the notoriously filthy politics of Chicago -- selective recounts, "helping" non-English speakers make the right choices inside the voting booth, and making calls to elderly voters to make them think they might have cast their vote for the wrong party, so they would raise a furor about a completely non-existent pattern of errors.
Likewise, when it came to the courts, it was the Florida Supreme Court that tore the law to shreds in the effort to allow the Democrats to steal the election. But when the conservative Supreme Court voted to stop the Florida court from stealing the election, that is what we keep hearing about as "the court deciding the election."
If the Left had not been hellbent on tearing down the laws in order to get the outcome they wanted, the case would never have gone to the Supreme Court.
In other words, it is a matter of public record that the only people trying to steal an election in Florida were the Democrats -- and yet people who consider themselves honest and intelligent still fail to make the moral distinction between what the Democrats were openly doing and what Republicans were only charged with having done.

Earlier in the column, he discusses the discredited "Jenin massacre":

There were civilians killed in the fighting -- as always happens in urban warfare. But more Israeli soldiers died than Palestinian civilians. And anybody who knows anything about urban combat knows that Israel could have wiped out the terrorist fighters without suffering a single casualty -- as long as they didn't care how many civilians they killed.
But they did care, and sacrificed the lives of their soldiers by making them fight street by street and house by house, instead of carpet bombing the area where their enemies were holed up.
This is morally the opposite of the terrorists, who turn their "soldiers" into human bombs and send them to deliberately attack Jews who are not harming anybody -- helpless infants, harmless old people, children on their way to school, teenagers socializing.

Finally, a celebrity in the Democratic Party who actually gets it.

(Link courtesy of Ipse Dixit.)

posted on July 06, 2003 10:00 AM


Or take the Florida recounts in 2000. We still hear charges of how the Republicans "stole" the election

well for what it is worth, here's the Miami Herald :

The Herald set out to answer a simple question: What would have happened had the Court allowed the recounts to go ahead? The assumption was to provide a range of results according to the various standards applied by different counties for tabulating these ballots. After months of work and some $450,000 in expenses, the banner headline in last Wednesday's paper declared: Review shows ballots say Bush

This means that Bush would have won even if the Supreme Court had not over-ruled the FLA supreme court

posted by johnh on July 8, 2003 01:07 AM

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