July 07, 2003
Shot through the heart—twice

Real-life couple The Last Page and Media Minded have both been on hiatus. Today, they returned to their blogs only long enough to note that they are quitting, effective immediately.

Regular readers here will know that before their vacations began, both of these blogs were part of my "daily reads" section, and I fully intended to return them to that perch when they returned.

Both of them will be missed. Media Minder's unique position from inside a major newspaper allowed him to present viewpoints that most of us never consider. And Page's rants about the jackasses with whom she dealt were always good for a laugh, and her transcriptions of discussions between the two of them ensured that I *really* want to meet the two of them, should I ever end up in their neck of the woods (they must be a blast at parties).

I wish the two of them well, and just want to let them know that they are leaving a void.

(Tip of the hat to Dustbury, for alerting me to Page's departure. I put two and two together and rushed over to MM, and saw more of the same.)

posted on July 07, 2003 10:14 PM


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